Hamburger Buns Gluten Free Recipe


Hamburger Buns Gluten Free Recipe

We have been desperately missing an American staple, the hamburger. So much so, I made patties, yes, just patties, last week for the little man. Hamburger patties and no buns = does not make a burger! And time is not on my side, but I just couldn’t watch him eat another hamburger pattie at home or at friends without it being the real deal.

After searching high and low, finding loads of gluten free recipes – that still to my amazement had over 16 ingredients, most of which were tapioca, gum, etc. Which is all on our ‘NO’ list. I realized that there was no adapting these recipies, taking out half the ingredients would not be the fast track to success.

Then a friend turned me onto ‘Against all Grain’, recipe book by Danielle Walker. Paleo recipes that are Gluten free, grain free, diary free – ticking all our boxes, except the sugar issue. Which I find I have a handle on how to adapt in recipes now. Wow, I sat transfixed, for an hour, every recipe I turned to I could make, almost straight off, without any substitutions. Those that needed a substitution, were easily swapped out. Now I had the opposite problem, so many things to bake – so little time. I wanted to make them all…that day..totally me!

But when I hit the Hamburger Bun recipes, the heavens opened up and the light shone down and I just knew this one would work. This was going to be the first of what I hope is a well worn and much loved cook book for our new family traditions.

Ohamburgerbun1          hamburgerbuns1

Oh yeah, and they worked. We had a mini happy dance around the kitchen, stacked them with mince patties, hand made mayonnaise (as ketchup is out, tomatoes a no-no), and sweet potatoe fries and we did the merengue all the way to the dining table…cha, cha, cha. My little man said he wanted 5 hamburgers. Being slightly optimistic and having a serious hankering to fill, I talked him down to 3, with the option of desert. A coconut milk popsicle! Deal.

He managed 3 mini sliders, just, as the non gluten, wheat free breads are more dense and filling than normal fluffy, lovely, sweet…that other bread, never to be spoken of again in our house! Num, Num, Num…

Here’s the recipe from Danielles blog