Xmas Candy Wreaths

Lolly wreath1

This Xmas Candy Wreath was fun to make and wow did it blow the kids minds at school. We were decorating the classroom door for the season and I really wanted to do something the kids would get a kick out of.

When I dive into something, I like to nail it, sharpish! And our tiny old dilabidated home in San Fran doesn’t allow me the luxury of leaving all my mess strewn everywhere for days. But this candy wreath took me several hours in total to hot glue all the candy on. I needed to spray it with lacquer so it would last and stickly little fingers wouldn’t attack it. That took the longest, a few minutes to spray (outside hanging from a tree) but hanging inside overnight to dry properly before I could attach the ribbons.

xmas wreath4 xmas wreath5

I used ribbon with wire edging to help it stay in shape. it’s definitley more ‘frou frou’ than I go for, but with the school kids, more is never too much, it’s a Xmas Candy Wreath after all, over the top it just is. I used Walgreens Starlight mints and a foam wreath you can get from Michels, or any craft store.

xmas wreath broken

Sadly. Yes. That is my hard work above, in pieces 🙁 A slammed the door at school and it bounced off and hit the floor. Ka-pow. The kids were so upset, they cried. I was handed this in a bag at pick up and asked if I could fix it. NO PRESSURE! For a minute I thought about just giving up, remembering all the hot glue gun burns and sugar highs from last time. But once I figured the jigsaw pieces out and ran out for more mints, it wasn’t a drama after all. The magic of a glue gun and some hiding of the worst bits by relocating the ribbon and hey presto! ready for round two!

I’m strapping it on this time with ribbon and wire…yes I enjoyed making it, twice, not so much and my personal ho.ho.ho went south for a while 🙂 That said, we all liked it so much, we want one for our front door for xmas..

xmas wreath2